John S. Cooper
        CSci, CChem, CWEM, FCIWEM, MRSC, DipWEM

    Consultant on Water, Wastewater
    & Environmental Management                                

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John S. Cooper - Consultancy Services

Curriculum Vitae




Blymhill Lodge, Weston-under-Lizard, Shifnal, Shropshire,
TF11 8LE, United Kingdom.

Telephone :  +44 (0)1952 850422    Mobile :  +44 (0)7790 939797
E-Mail :

Personal Profile

A chartered scientist of wide experience within the water, wastewater and environmental management fields who has acted as an independent consultant since 1975 advising both private and public sector Clients on water, sewage, wastewater and trade effluent
matters and the related environmental issues.   He has also acted as an Expert Witness in legal proceedings involving both criminal and litigation cases and at public enquiries.

A dedicated, reliable and responsible professional possessing good communication and decision making skills.   A committed team player, although well able to work on his own initiative when required, displaying excellent analytical and problem solving skills and a flexible and adaptable approach to work.   Self-motivated with an open-minded disposition and a good sense of humour.


Chartered Scientist (CSci)
Chartered Chemist (CChem)
Chartered Water & Environmental Manager (CWEM)
Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management (FCIWEM)
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC)
Diploma of Water & Environmental Management (DipWEM)

General Skills

  • Office & Technical Staff Management
  • Project Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Laboratory Operation & Control
  • Writing & Presentation of Technical
  • Preparation, Presentation & Delivery
          of Training Packages
  • Writing of Operation & Maintenance
  • Good Investigative Skills
  • Good Analytical, Interpretative &
          Organisational Skills
  • Good Oral & Written Communication
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Troubleshooting
  • Problem Solving
  • Computer Literate (MS Office
          & CAD Packages)

Specialist Skills

  • Process Engineering Design &
          Performance Guarantee Specifications
  • Project Management
  • Project Evaluation & Feasibility
  • Pilot Plant Investigations
  • Project Capital & Operating Cost
  • Contractor Negotiation/Selection
  • Preparation of Tender Documents &
  • Commissioning of New Plant &
  • Industrial Site Investigations &
  • Environmental Impact & Risk
  • Laboratory Management &
  • Waste Minimisation & Recycling
  • Water Abstraction & Treatment
  • Regulatory Trade Effluent Control,
          Management & Administration
  • Sampling & Analysis of Trade
  • Trade Effluent Charging
  • Provision of Expert Technical
          Evidence in Criminal Prosecution/
          Litigation Proceedings and at Public
  • Technical & Scientific Research
  • Technical & Scientific Consultancy


Consultant on Water, Wastewater & Environmental Management,
John S. Cooper.
1975 - Present

Head of Water & Effluent Advisory Department,
EMBU Research & Service Company Limited.
1973 - 1975

Head of Effluent Section,
Central Laboratory,  Unigate Limited.
1965 - 1973

Chemist, Main Drainage & Sewage Treatment Section,
Colchester Borough Council.
1963 - 1965

Assistant Chemist,
Birmingham Tame & Rea District Drainage Board.
1954 - 1963



The Determiination of Cyanide in Low Concentrations (Joint Paper) Air & Water Pollut. Int. J., Pergamon Press, 1966, Vol.10., pp. 495-519.
Research & Development in Dairy Effluent Treatment Presented at the IDF Seminar on Dairy Effluents, Denmark, 1973., IDF Document, No.77, 1974, pp. 3-17.
Measurement & Sampling of Dairy Effluents Presented at the IDF Seminar on Dairy Effluents, Poland, 1976., IDF Document No.104, 1978, pp. 105-117.
Sludge Handling & Utilization in the United Kingdom Presented at the IDF Seminar on Dairy Effluents, Poland, 1976., IDF Document No. 104, 1978, pp. 235-242.; Abridged Version - Milk Industry, 1977, Vol. 79, No. 9., pp. 10-14.
Wastage Control in Dairies Paper presented to N.I.M.M.B. Seminar on Dairy Effluents, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, March, 1978.

Other Interests

Sailing : Passed RYA ‘Offshore’ and ‘Ocean’ certificate examinations.
Scuba Diving Trained with British SubAqua Club to Dive Leader proficiency.
General Science : Keeping up with recent developments in scientific research.
Reading : Fiction, non-fiction and technical literature.
Computing : Internet, Web Site Design, CAD.

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