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    John S. Cooper
        CSci, CChem, CWEM, FCIWEM, MRSC, DipWEM

    Consultant on Water, Wastewater
    & Environmental Management                                

Tertiary Treatment Drum Filters

Sludge Storage and Consolidation Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical Flocculation Tanks

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John S. Cooper - Consultancy Services

Scope of Services


A full range of services are available for both
existing and projected water, sewage and wastewater treatment projects, including :-

Project Planning Services

•   Project Evaluation and Feasibility Studies
•   Process Design
•   Performance Guarantee Specifications
•   Detailed Design Drawings and Specifications
•   Pilot Plant Investigations
•   Capital & Operating Cost Assessments

Project Management

•   Planning Consent/Building Control Applications
•   Water Abstraction Licence Applications
•   Preparation of Tender Documents
•   Contractor Negotiation/Selection
•   Project Management/Supervision
•   Commissioning of New Plant and Equipment

Plant Operation and Control

•   Troubleshooting
•   Plant Performance and Survey Investigations
•   Monitoring of Plant Performance
•   Monitoring of Treated Water/Effluent Quality
•   Operation and Maintenance Manuals
•   Training of Treatment Plant Personnel


•   Design of on-site wastewater treatment systems
•   Negotiations/Liaison with Statutory Water Undertakers
•   on Sewage/Trade Effluent Consents and Agreements
•   Compilation, Completion & Submission of Permit
     Applications to The Environment Agency under the
     Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR).
•   Advice on Discharge Conditions and Limits
•   Advice on Trade Effluent Charges - Capital &
     Operating Cost Assessments, Validation of Charges,
•   Design of Flow Measurement and Sampling
•   Advice on trade effluent monitoring installations
•   Advice on Analytical Equipment & Testing
•   Advice on Sludge Handling, Treatment & Disposal


•   Waste Minimisation Audits
•   Waste Handling & Disposal
•   Environmental Impact Assessments
•   EPC Audits
•   Environmental Risk Assessments and Risk
•   Noise & Odour Nuisance Prevention
•   Advice and Guidance on Statutory Requirements
•   Drainage Surveys and Investigations
•   Health & Safety Assessments
•   Monitoring of Emissions



In addition to the above general services we also provide expert witness services as these
relate to legal issues concerning water, wastewater and environmental management.

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