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Environmental Management

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Policy on Health, Safety and the Environment

It is the policy of the practice that, in conducting its consulting activities, account will be taken of the need to :-

1. protect the health and safety of all personnel engaged by the practice and all other persons

2. actively conserve and protect the environment

3. avoid damage to property

In implementing this policy the practice aims to eliminate work-related injuries and illness, and to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance.

The practice not only complies with the requirements of relevant legislation, but actively promotes, as appropiate, any other measures which may be required for the additional protection of health, safety and the environment for all who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities.

In following this policy the practice applies the principle that all injuries at work work can be prevented and actively promotes, amongst all personnel associated with its activities, the highest standards of health and safety awareness, application and individual responsibility that this principle demands.

The practice recognises the vital importance of the on-going commitment of all personnel associated with its activities to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental performance and, wherever possible, endeavours to ensure that they have the necessary skills and support to achieve this and actively promotes the participation by all personnel in the establishment and observation of measures to improve their health and safety at work and :-

•   requires that all personnel, contractors and sub-contractors working on its behalf apply health, safety and environmental standards, fully consistent with those of the practice and that these standards are achieved.

•   will ensure that all plant and equipment is designed for safe operation and maintenance and that proper precautions are taken whenever new processes, operations and/or materials are introduced.

•   will notify all personnel, Clients, contractors and any relevant authorities of any known or potential hazards which might affect them or the public at large.

•   will give full consideration to the enviromental impact of any new project and, when changes to an existing project are undertaken, conduct a full environmental assessment.

•   ensure that all personnel engaged on behalf of the Practice have the necessary training and experience in the design and handling of any plant, equipment, chemicals and/or any other materials with which they may be involved.

•   will endeavour to promote and implement waste minimisation strategies wherever possible.

•   will, in design, supervision and/or commissioning of plant and equipment, endeavour to ensure that as far as possible any damage or pollution of the environment is minimised.

•   will, in instances when matters concerning health, safety and the environment are outside the scope of the Practice to resolve, call for advice from specialists (eg. the Health & Safety Executive, Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Area or Local Authorities, Environment Agency, etc.).

•   act on any complaints, comments and suggestions received regarding the activities of the practice in connection with health, safety and the environment.

This policy will be kept up to date and, to ensure this, the policy and the way it has operated will be reviewed annually.

John S. Cooper is the person responsible for this policy being carried out and he is based at 78, Hensons Lane, Thringstone, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 8LH.

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